Roanoke Valley Veterans Museum
Roanoke Valley Veterans Museum
Becker Village Mall graciously provides over 7,000 square feet for the Museum...
The Museum has display items from Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy...
Memorabilia from the civil war to items freshly returned from the Mid-east last month
Weapons of all kinds are on display -- some donated; most on loan to the Museum
Uniforms and other memorabilia from local Roanoke Valley Veterans - with the accompanying story about what they did... how they served, and where....
Joe Bonsall -- of THE OAKRIDGE BOYS, autographed a book to the Museum. His Book entitled "G.I.Joe and Lillie" details the life of his parents during WW II. Lillie was born in Roanoke Rapids...
Come hear the story -- would you take $75 or a wooden leg if you had your leg amputated during the civil war.... there is a hint above.....
Students can perform a "Scavenger Hunt" using museum provided questions -- we can modify the question sheet to better support a teacher's lesson plan/teaching objectives
Learn about the sacrifices made so you can raise kids in a free country and live the way we live. Freedom isn't free is much more than just a bumper sticker... see for yourself.
North Carolina has produced some awesome veterans -- Most come from or now live in the Roanoke Valley -- of course we have a biased point of view.....
We've got it all -- from 4-star Generals to entry level Airmen and Privates -- and all local
Grandpa doesn't talk about it? -- That's OK come down and check out his picture, hear about what happened. Appreciate what he did for all of us...
Why is the United Nations Flag and the Korean Flag on display? What is that all about?
Tell our volunteers about it.... They'll pass it on and inform others. The volunteer staff has awesome knowledge about all things "VETERAN"... come learn, share, appreciate
There is a lot to see and do in the it over a long lunch... or over several visits. You'll find something new on each visit -- for at least several dozen visits....
Help us out.... Be a volunteer. Donate your picture / some memorabilia. Donate some money to help us pay the light and heating bills.

The Roanoke Valley Veteran's Museum belongs to you. Come check it out. Tues-Sat 10:00am to 4pm.

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