Roanoke Valley Veterans Museum
Roanoke Valley Veterans Museum
Honoring Roanoke Valley Veterans
The Roanoke Valley Veteran's Museum honors all honorably serving Veterans of the valley regardless of Branch of Service.

The Museum educates the community and instills a sense of PATRIOTISM and appreciation of the sacrifice of our Veterans and their Families...

The Museum provides a place to record Veteran stories, display their memorabilia and medals.

The volunteers that work the museum are knowledgeable and can inform Veterans about the benefits they have earned.

The Museum supports currently serving Veterans and their families.

Original pictures are copied and returned to the veteran or person bringing them to the museum. There is NO CHARGE for this service as the museum operates on donations only. The Veterans’ Museum purchases and supplies all items necessary to display photos and memorabilia. All of our volunteers at the Veterans’ Museum donate their time and NO ONE at the Veterans’ Museum receives funds for their work. Again, the Museum operates on DONATIONS ONLY!
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